Looking forward to The Veterans upcoming session, recording a track for a charitable foundation.


TheĀ  Mighty Bosscat’s latest release is heading to be mastered. Drums recorded by the fantastic Glen Bo here at Rooks Yard.


We’re proud to have been a part of Martin McNeill’s wonderful album Cat Squirrel. Martin’s playing is deliciously smooth and with his silky vocals we reckon this is a collection of songs that are hard to beat. Not surprisingly this has resulted in Cat Squirrel being nominated in the Album of the Year category in the 2020 UK Blues Awards.


Rooks Yard is proud to announce that the studio now endorses and carries a stock of the excellent Kurt Mangan guitar and bass strings – perfect for those moments in mid-session when you break a string and forgot to bring a spare! (Or is you fancy starting the session with a brand new set of premium strings on your favourite axe.)*
Kurt Mangan strings are a premium brand and are now used and endorsed by a growing number of top pro players in the USA and around the world, including some of our favourite guitar players.
If you require a particular gauge or string type, please advise us in advance.
For full details of the range, visit


Great news from across the pond as Jose Ramirez and his band take to the stage representing Washington DC in the International Blues Challenge. After the success of his UK Sessions EP, recorded at Rooks Yard last year in a brief break from his European tour, Jose is set to release his first full album shortly,

Good luck Jose!!


New in the studio, 2016 National Duolian biscuit resonator with Highlander pickup system.


Fun session with Among The Willows today, it makes such a difference when a band has put obvious effort into pre-production. The songs really flowed, a couple of the final tracks were single take with just vocal overdubs.


It’s been a busy few weeks at Rooks Yard. The Mojo Preachers released Man Made Monster to great acclaim and have been feverishly gigging to promote it, with it also appearing high in the UK Blues album chart.

The legendary Automatic Slim are well into final overdubs and mixdown for their forthcoming album.

Terry Dungate has started work on his latest release.